Learn Why and How

Learn Why and How

Why Raise My Home?

Typically, a home is raised so that the foundation can be repaired or installed. But, there are a number of other reasons to raise a home. Homeowners are now turning to home raising as a way to increase their square footage and increase the value of their property. With the home raised a basement or crawlspace can be converted into new livable area. Home raising is the most efficient way to add value and space to a home; and to add rentable bedrooms and bathrooms to the property. Raising a home can also protect the property from flood damage or be used to create more parking and storage space.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Not only will we raise the home for you, we will do the general contracting as well. Accessory Dwelling Units are secondary residential spaces added on to your existing home. After lifting your home we can begin completing high-quality sheet rock, siding, cabinetry, bathroom and other work your new ADU may need. ADUs enable you to provide a tenant, family member, or yourself with a top-notch dwelling for an affordable price. ADUs also don’t require a reduction in your usable yard space and can have low energy costs as they earth helps regulate the temperature below ground

How Does Home Raising Work?

You can feel confident knowing that when lifting your structure we will use our well-practiced skills and take the utmost care. We utilize a cutting-edge hydraulic jacking system to gently raise your home. By utilizing a Unified Hydraulic Jacking System the flow of oil to each of the jacks is distributed evenly so the jacks unify together and lift the home up perfectly leveled. This hydraulic method prevents any undue stress that could threaten cracking or other damage to your structure. When choosing us you are sure to get your project done the right way, as our reputation suggests.

Watch how we raise a house, click here.

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